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We found that homeowners don’t protest their own property taxes because they were unsure how to get started. Coming from a full-service property tax protesting firm, we knew homeowners could do this themselves with the right strategy and evidence.

Reducing Property Taxes Relies on Quality Evidence. 

Home Tax Check was designed by expert property tax appraisers and protesters with over 35+ years of reducing property taxes.  Save the extra few hundred dollars. You also don’t want to use inaccurate or market value data. You need to use the tools the pros use without the hefty fees. 

 We put professional tools into the hands of you, the homeowner.

Homeowners are Missing Savings on

Property Taxes Across Texas

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We believe every homeowner can protest their property taxes and lower their valuations when armed with the right evidence.

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Save at least 5-12 hours of your time from researching values and putting together evidence.

contest my own property taxes

We offer NO COST tools to learn more about your property valuation.

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Fair and reasonable pricing for a professional quality evidence packet.

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We make it simple to get started with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide and comprehensive evidence packet with a paid plan.


We’ve brought together General Appraisers, Certified Public Accountants, Property Tax Consultants, data scientist PhDs, best-in-class customer support representatives, and more to deliver the best tools for our customers.


James Hausman san antonio real estate taxes

James Hausman

President and visionary leader who has been reducing property taxes for Texans since 1989 for residential and commercial property owners.

Vicky hanks property valuations

Vicky Hanks

Vice President of data and research who has been working with county property data since the early 90's.

Michelle solis CRE property

Michelle Solis

Executive Vice President with nearly 20 years of advocating property tax matters for residential and commercial real estate owners.

Felix county assessor office

Jose Felix Duque

Application Architect and Development Manager who has been working with Property Tax data since 2002.

Property Tax Consulting Company

We are a full-service property tax consulting company with decades of complex real estate valuation issues. HTC provides homeowners with property tax assessment appeal tools; we are not associated with any government agency. Our evidence packets were created for homeowners to protest their property tax from start to finish and help them realize actual property tax savings.

Home Tax Check (“HTC”), formally Bexar Tax Check, is the residential division of Assessment Technologies, LTD. Homeowners’ services are not intended for commercial properties. Please visit atechltd.com for more information on business services. 

Home Tax Check
Home Tax Check (formally Bexar Tax Check) is the residential division of Assessment Technologies, LTD. Services are not intended for commercial properties. Please visit atechltd.com for more information on business services.